Our Social Media Analytics Command Center (SMACC) offers brands of all shapes and sizes access to information typically unavailable to all but the largest or leading-edge companies. Whether you're interested in reputation management, measuring campaign results, optimizing your digital content, or research, you need to effectively monitor social and digital media. This is more than tracking vanity metrics on your favorite social media channel. It means tracking all publicly available conversations across the globe from web sites, blogs, social media channels, and broadcast media. That's where UCONN’s SMACC comes in.

Through the Social Media Analytics Command Center, DMD students learn to provide insights, both historic and live, for clients’ brands. With five large screens that simultaneously host various social media listening and research platforms and live broadcast cable feeds, the SMACC can research all publically available social and digital media conversations globally using TalkWalker and other platforms. These capabilities enable DMD students to research political and human events, protect brand image, track social media campaigns, monitor crisis situations, and track live cultural events. Social media analytics is one of the fastest growing industries, and our DMD students graduate with the best skills, thanks to this innovative center.


UCONN’s SMACC is your extra set of eyes and ears. Our team monitors what's happening on all social channels and online media in real-time, on all markets, in 187 languages. You can find out what customers think about your campaigns, products, events and brands. Or track your brand awareness and message impact globally. In addition, crisis management in the age of social media is critical for a brands success.


Our team can benchmark your brand and campaigns with proven KPI frameworks. We measure sentiment and brand health. And connect your social efforts to real business results and present them to you with professional reports. Our team is also able to compare your results channel by channel to your competition.


Maximize the social performance of your marketing & communication campaigns with data-driven technology. UCONN’s SMACC will find the best stories and the true influencers to boost your brand power. By reviewing your content we are able to help you establish optimal posting times, content-type, and channel strategies to better connect with your customers.


Whether it’s political events, industry news, global security issues, competitive analysis, sports & entertainment trends, UCONN’s SMACC provides you with research information and actionable insights.